occasional essays on various topics

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2017.0331: 2017.03 minutiae
2017.0323: Masterchef Australia
2017.0306: The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
2017.0215: The Bridge on the River Kwai
2017.0128: A Face in the Crowd

interactive fiction
stories in which you get to participate

Endless, Nameless: a.k.a. "what I did in 2012"
Narcolepsy: Xyzzy for Best Writing
Varicella: four Xyzzies, including Best Game
Photopia: voted best IF of all time (2015 poll)
...and several more

conventional prose
stuff you can read without entering commands

my novel, Ready, Okay!
the ever-popular Wikipedia Brown, Boy Detective
a ton of juvenilia
...and various odds and ends

now playing: Evil Creatures

Most recent updates:
2014.07: part ten: "Thickly Settled"
2014.03: part nine: "More Than Meets the Eye II"
2012.08: part eight: "Fortune Teller"
2012.05: part seven: "Explosions"
2011.09: part six: "Room Service"

new adventures in lo-fi

Most recent updates:
2016.1219: Radio K #8
2016.0612: Radio K #7
2016.0116: Radio K #6
2016.0101: Radio K #5
…plus some rock and/or roll songs

restaurant and cookbook reviews

Most recent updates:
2017.0412: 10 for Lemonade
2017.0406: 11 for Pica Pica in San Francisco
2017.0405: 8 for Oren's Hummus
2017.0404: 10 for Dandelion Chocolate in San Francisco
2017.0404: 9 for Venga Empanadas in San Francisco

stuff that didn't fit anywhere above

Most recent updates:
2016.0503: 2016 Lyttle Lytton winners
2015.0422: 2015 Lyttle Lytton winners
2015.0417: '70s Mondrian
2014.1207: Annotated list of favorite songs
2014.0426: 2014 Lyttle Lytton winners

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